Utility Surveys and Geotechnical

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

GPR surveys are an essential tool for site investigations and construction projects in urbanized areas.   GPR units will accurately delineate complex underground utility arrays user_grid_border_drop-shadowand buried objects (i.e. buried drums, tanks, debris). GPR has the unique ability to detect both metallic and non-metallic lines and cables (i.e. PVC pipes, Fiber Optics).  CHD Environmental utilizes Sensor and Software’s LMX 200 to provide location services integrated with GPS/GIS mapping capabilities.


Utility Location and Reporting

CHD Environmental provides onsite utility services by physically marking locations on the ground using paint or flagging according to recommendations set forth by the ASCE 38-02B Standard.


GPR cross-sectional data representing UST locations.


3-D depth slices help visualization of target orientation.

We also perform more complex subsurface site surveys that integrate GPR and GPS data  to create 3-D depth slice imagery.  GPR cross-sections, depth slices, and GIS mapping are all combined into high-end  deliverables; customized to meet our client’s reporting goals.



Magenta line indicates top of bedrock.

Non-destructive GPR surveys are useful for:kiawah_island

  • Location and orientation of USTs.
  • Mapping shallow groundwater contamination (LNAPL and DNAPL).
  • Evaluating sinkholes.
  • Non-intrusive lithological studies, or soil profiles.
  • Mapping foundations and former building locations.
  • Shallow groundwater table.
  • Septic systems (Tanks, Fields, Piping).
  • Assisting archaeological studies.